Emergency Call

Refrigerator is a quite common home appliance without which we cannot think a single day. It slows down the bacterial growth and keeps food in good condition.

Refrigerator requires proper care and maintenance. If you are struggling with your refrigerator, if it is not functioning well, then contact professionals to fix the issue. Soon after experts examine the issue, they can give solution.

We, S.A. Cooling Solution are the most popular refrigerator repair and maintenance service provider in Kolkata. So, whenever you are facing problem with this home appliance, give us a call. We are ready to help you. Not only cooked food needs to be stored in the refrigerator, but also raw foods require refrigeration.

Let’s give a chance to fix your refrigerator problem. In case of any emergency issue, don’t think twice to call us. Here are the reasons to choose us.

Looking For Emergency Services?

If you need emergency services, you can get connected with us for a prompt response. We are available round the clock.
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