Emergency Call

Air conditioner(AC) is such a home appliance that we all have. Without this, we cannot think of a single day in the summer season. If your air conditioner is not working properly, don’t be worried. We are here to help you. Our experts have enough knowledge in fixing any issue related to AC. For servicing your AC also, you can deal with us.

A micro oven is an essential kitchen appliance that every homeowner needs. If you are struggling with any kind of issues related to the micro oven, you can count on us. Once our team of experts can identify the problem they can offer prompt service. At a reasonable service charge, we offer our service. So, let us know when you are in a problem with your micro oven.

A refrigerator is an important home appliance without which home is incomplete. Irrespective of seasons, we need this home appliance. We usually become extremely worried when our refrigerator stops working. If you are in such a condition, without wasting a single moment, call us. We are available round the clock and can fix your issue fast.

For washing our clothes, a washing machine is required. This daily use of the home appliance is present in every home. Our experts are well versed and have vast knowledge in repairing washing machines. If you are struggling with your machine, you can give us a call to resolve the issue. We are always ready to help you out with our services.


A geyser is an essential appliance to make water hot. We use  geyser not only for winter but also for all over the year. But in the winter season, the usage of geyser becomes double. If your geyser is not functioning well, you can contact us for repair. Our skilled professionals are well experienced in repairing geysers of different companies.

In every home, you will find a water purifier. For purifying water, we all need this appliance. Our professionals have been servicing and repairing purifiers for many years. If yours is not working properly, get connected with us. We are always ready to offer prompt service at an affordable service charge. So, don’t hesitate to call us.

Quick Service On Emergency Call

If you need emergency services, you can get connected with us for a prompt response. We are available round the clock.


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